In all my thinking on the whole issue of why some leaders succeed and others do not I am discovering more questions than answers at the moment. If you are a leader then I need your help. If you are a would-be leader in development then I need your help too.

We find ourselves on the leadership journey but how? These are the questions I am asking:

Is it a conscious thing?
Is it encouraged by others?
Do we see it in ourselves that we want to be a leader or does another leader see something in us therefore encourage us in it?

Please don’t just read this post – LEAVE A COMMENT and help me in my thinking on the subject of why some leaders make it and other don’t.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Leaders – I Need Your Help!!

  1. I believe a journey of any sort has to be conscious. If you are “wondering” without any purpose then it would not be a journey. In a leadership journey either you or someone else has seen potential in you and now you are on a journey to improve yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically which I believe are all key aspects of a great leader.

  2. I think it is conscious in as much as you consciously set the course of the journey, the rest is done unconsciously. So to an extent, it is a mix of rational thought and a lot of instinct and emotion.
    As of whether it is encouraged by others. Well, I could call myself a leader, yet a leader in a vacuum is just an individual without access to feedback. As such, of course others need to encourage it to an extent, but it is also about realizing your own potential yourself. (does this make sense?). At times, encouragement from others is needed, as a sort of nudge to either keep going or to start the journey. The feedback of the people led will be the most important input to see your own potential, together with that of your superior. Once you see your own qualities, i think it becomes a very self sustained journey with (hopefully) learning being an integral part.

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