Love them or hate them – we have all given them from time to time, that is a 100% certainty. However, in my new found obsession of watching leaders and understanding their journey and why some achieve more than others, this is probably high on the list of reasons why certain leaders just frustrate you.

Excuses…usually legit but not always right. I hope you understand what I mean. The excuse is not wrong in itself but what you are saying is that this ‘thing’ is more important than team, than responsibility, than leading. It is obviously an excuse for not completing what you are responsible for as a leader/team player.

Is that too harsh? Maybe in my desire to learn I have become that way. What do you think?

Its not all bad though – if you have enough wins under your belt as a leader, you can get away with the odd excuse now and then, just don’t make a habit of it.

3 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses, excuses…

  1. I like the point here, Jullian. A couple of books came to mind as I read this. One is Please Don’t Just Do What I Tell You (Do What Needs to be Done) by Bob Nelson, Ph.D. (Hyperion). A fast easy read that hits the nail squarely on the head about focus, purpose, & responsibility. The other is Living Toad Free (Xulon / Leadership Development Press) by yours truly and Dr. Dennis R. Rader. We use Toads as a metaphor for obstacles, hence, one could interpret title to be “Living Obstacle Free” (can read the first chapter here).

    Along these lines I’d encourage you to look at Exploding the Myths of Motivation and Small Business: Take Advantage of Advisors, both recent newspaper columns of mine that also appear on my Workplace Excellence blog.

    Cool site. I’ll spend some time perusing it.

    – Dan Bobinski

  2. Jullian,
    Great topic. As leaders, excuses are one thing we don’t have to constantly pursue. Personally speaking, excuses seem to just appear out of thin air. What’s important for the leader is to keep their vision firmly set on the team and the team’s goal. Once we lose sight of our overall mission of the team, excuses arise and turn our attention from the team’s needs to our personal needs. It’s a constant battle we must fight each and every day. Always remembering that excuses come from a self centered leadership style. When I feel tempted to use excuses thereby excusing myself from the situation, I’m reminded to turn a potential excuse into an example.

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