What makes a great boss?

Working for someone else can be one of the greatest challenges that some of us face. The boss is the boss and they are not afraid to keep on telling us. Maybe the best bosses are not so driven by power but more by the deisre to help others achieve their full potential.

Jim Collins in his book Good to Great talks about Level 5 Leaders. Individuals who when things go well will say ‘the team did a great job’ and when things go badly say ‘I need to change…’

Perhaps being a great boss is…
less about the power and more about the people
less about the position and more about purpose

How can we make sure that as the person or leader with the ultimate responsibility for the project, team or company we don’t get too up ourselves, what skills can we develop which means our staff want to work with us?

Here are my thoughts…

Great communication
Understand their world
Avoid nitpicking
Have fun & chill out with your staff
Lose the randomness
Remember I am part of the team

…let me know yours

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