Why is that people who are doing so well can suddenly make such bad choices?

Seeing this a little too often recently and it certainly get’s you thinking. In the whole concept of why don’t leaders make it, I guess that ‘bad choices’ would be pretty high. Plus it’s very frustrating and extremely annoying watching people do that.

Maybe they sold us an illusion that everything was okay, when really it wasn’t.
Maybe they allowed the ‘little foxes, to spoil the vine’.
Maybe they didn’t guard their heart against certain issues.
Maybe they got lazy in their defending of what they knew was right.
Maybe I’m making excuses for them when it’s their fault.

Becoming a leader is not an overnight event. I think people forget this. In our modern culture of instant availability the willingness to wait or work at something is disappearing. Leadership is a process that demands high levels of determination, energy, focus, right thinking, wisdom and so much more. In the test of a leader you can do great in 9 out of 10 but failure in just 1 could be enough to see you put the brakes on, limit or stop your potential.

I think I am discovering that many of these tests overlap. Bad choices, wrong decisions and a lack of wisdom by default demonstrate a lack of maturity, coupled with the old adage ‘its not my fault, its not my responsibility’.

Anyway – been checking myself to make sure I don’t allow anything in that will cause me problems in the future. Trying to remain positive too.

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