Passing the Leadership Tests

Thought I would go back to the very reason why I started this – why do some leaders make it and others don’t? As I write today I can think of young people who are forfeiting their right to be leaders, even their right to be a team member because of a variety of reasons.

Its frustrates, disappoints and sometimes, downright annoys me. They want the position, the opportunities but not the responsibility that comes with them. Leaders are different to the crowd. Sounds obvious but surely that’s what makes them leaders.

Different ways of thinking.
Different attitudes.
Different levels of integrity.
Different work ethics.
Different character.
Different way of seeing.
Different lifestyle choices.

Being a leader is 24/7 not just when you are at work or on the job. I think thats what too many people forget. As long as I perform in front of the team, that’s what matters. NO. Your team are not so niave to see throught the shallowness of thinking like that. That is Level 1 leadership – do it because I’m the leader.

The next few posts will be on the Detail Test.
The thought here is this – as a leader its the big picture that counts, casting the vision – the detail will take care of itself.
The question: does not passing the detail test mean you won’t make it as a leader?


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