The Risk Test (2)

Been off-line a few days – moved house.

Taking risks is what makes a leader. The willingness to lead the way, take the road less travelled, stick the neck out – leaders need some bottle at times to make things happen. Risk is therefore a part of the package.

Why would someone be willing to do this – take on the risk? Are there certain attributes, characteristices, attitudes or something that such people have….maybe.

For Wilbur and Orville Wright the belief that flight was possible was in reality an obsession achieved only through perseverance and creativity.

They lived a lonely quest in the workroom in the rear of their bike shop, plotting how they could defy gravity and triumph over wind. Their drive and determination meant facing challenges head on and overcoming difficulties one at a time.

The Wright Brothers were, perhaps, compelled by their belief that flight was possible to single-handedly invent each new technology required to follow their vision. Without that over-riding force behind them, their ultimate achievement quite literally, would not have taken off.

Their inventions included them being the first to:
• discover that a long narrow wing shape was the ideal architecture for flight;
• figure out how to move the plane up and down on a cushion of air and build a forward elevator to control the pitch of the plane;
• fashion a pair of twin rudders to control movement sideways
• devise a pulley system that warped the wing shape in flight to assist turning;
• design the first effective airplane propeller;
• discover that lightweight gas-powered engines did not exist so design and build one themselves

For them as pioneers and for us as leaders today vision is what thrusts us into postions of risk taking…

Vision is the dream that drives you to the next opportunity for greatness
Vision is the idea that makes all the challenges and difficulties seem insignificant
Vision is the object that makes you as a leader say ‘yes’ it can be done, while others might say ‘that will do’
Vision is the purpose to life that every individual needs who wants to succeed at whatever they do, however trivial they may feel it is

To be a leader do you need to pass the risk test?
Would you agree that vision is a part of the risk package?


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