The Passion Test (4)

What ever you lead – lead it passionately.

Just spent the last 4 days at the Stronger Conference in Bradford and one thing is very clear – who ever was speaking, whatever they were involved in – they were passionate about it. It’s a challenge to keep passionate but it’s worth it.

Passion is attractive.
They had a sense of purpose about them and I want that. If I am passionate about the stuff I lead I know that I will attract people to my team. After all, if no one looks like they are having any fun, why would you want to join.

Passion is inspirational.
Listening to ordinary people talk about how they are making a difference – it inspires you to go after you own dreams. I think this is true whether its business, home, church or school. Your belief in that dream and your non-negotiable passion for seeing it fulfilled will make you an inspiration to those around you.

Passion is contagious.
It’s like an infection. If you hang around a passionate person one of two things will happen – you will either get frustrated with them as their passion rubs you up the wrong way. Alternatively you will become infected with the same level of passion in making the dream come true.

What ever you think about passion – leaders need it. Not only must you be passionate, you must stay passionate and that is the greatest challenge. One which too many leaders cannot maintain over the longer term.


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