Vision Helps You Realise your Dreams.

Think of it like this: ever since Sir Edmund Hillary ascended Mount Everest in 1953 it has become the place of great dreams realised, of fears overcome, triumphs made over desperate positions and exciting stories to pass on to the next generation of climbers, as well as your grandchildren.

Before anything is possible it must first be dreamt!
Climbing a mountain is no different. If you cannot see it, then the likelihood is it will never be accomplished.

Anyone can dream – its what you do with it that makes the difference.
It takes a certain type of person to act upon a dream. While others say its impossible, perhaps even crazy, you have to stay mindful of the dream, the vision – be the leader who has a clear sense of purpose, drive and passion to accomplish it, however the odds are stacked against you.

Vision is the starting point – hard work makes it happen. As a leader, you need to develop the same mentality as a mountain climber to give yourself the opportunity to do things that seem equally impossible.

Question: what’s the dream?


2 thoughts on “Vision Helps You Realise your Dreams.

  1. The Mount Everest example is a great way to back up this topic up. If someone wants to accomplish something, like climbing a mountain, then they first have to plan ahead and have the mind-set of doing it. Some people can’t just jump into something right away without planning ahead first. It’s their way of helpig them accomplish what they desire to do.

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