You may have great character which makes you stand out but unless you leverage that with some acts of courage change may be slow in coming. Whatever you want in life – what you want to see in your world or want to become, it will take courage to move towards it.

I see a problem which many of us face, a dilemma to deal with. We love stability too much. Stability is important, it gives us that solid foundation on which to stand strong, its our safety. I guess you could say its our good character we have taken time to build. Courage however, conjours up a sense of danger, we think because it takes courage it must be risky. We therefore holdback and allow ourselves to miss out and blend in.

Courage is required for leaders especially to seize a hold of the opportunities that come our way! It is not the absence of fear, its not foolishness but if you wait for no fear, then you will probably wait a long time.

Too have great character and convictions gets you so far – you must as a leader have the courage to stand on you convictions. Don’t compromise….

Learn to say NO when its necessary
Be willing to stand your ground
Take a punt from time to time
Be ready

Don’t allow the negative ‘what ifs’ make you forget about the positive ‘what ifs’ and go for it!

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