As you can see, getting yourself in a great position to establish and embed change comes through the development of good character – it helps people buy-in to you, mixed with the courage to stand out and leverage the opportunity.

However, I know lots of good people, we are good friends and they display both of the qualities already mentioned but they would fall at this hurdle – a lack of competence. What do I mean – being in the right placed at the right time with the opportunity to make a beneficial change but not knowing what to do. It’s more than making a decision because I think they could do that. I think what I mean is their ability as the leader to handle stuff and help others understand the change. Too many leaders fail to recognise this as essential making it an often neglected aspect of leadership.

Being trusted, thought of as loyal and even a person of integrity are nothing more than ‘nice’ words and somewhat meaningless in the pursuit of leadership if you cannot handle the responsibility and don’t know what to do.

Competence as a leader is important. I think this is where your integrity can be tested – if you don’t know, what do you do? Many, like an old boss of mine would do from time to time in meetings, go for the easy option and fake it, making up an answer rather than admitting they don’t know but then going out and acquiring it.

Are you considered competent ot incompetent? Do you need to upskill or enhance your abilities in some way to truly leverage the opportunity for change?

Don’t be found too busy doing the wrong things that you miss the opportunities that are right in front of you. Stay competent.


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