Great character, strong convictions, the courage to stand on those convictions and the competence to handle it all – they bring you credibility. And credibility wins, every time.

Credibility is hard won.

It can feel like forever and many young leaders don’t have the patience for it, they don’t understand the power it has. Credibility can open up even greater opportunities because it becomes less about what you have done and more about who you are. Your reputation goes before you!

Credibility is easily lost. No doubt about it. The daily discipline of leadership is not easy. Make one or two mistakes and people may forgive you. Consistently get it wrong and your credibility is shot. All of the other areas we have been discussing have to be looked after every day. You cannot have an ‘off’ day – leadership truly is 24/7.

Make it your goal to earn the credibility of the right people by doing the right things consistently well. See the difference it makes.

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