This is the leadership crux. A colleague of mine says its not the most difficult aspect of leadership, fitting it round people is. If you don’t have a vision though, you are going to struggle.

Reading Andy Stanleys book ‘Making Vision Stick’. It reminds you of the simple things that a leader is responsible for when it comes to vision. Nothing new but its good to be reminded…

1. State the vision simply
2. Cast the vision convincingly
3. Repeat the vision regularly
4. Celebrate the vision systematically
5. Embrace the vision personally

Vision is powerful, must be compelling and is the attraction for a lot of people. Is you vision BIG? Is it FRESH? Does it challenge you or frighten you?

With a lot of change going on in my life at the moment and new ventures ahead the reminder about vision is timely. I’ll do a proper review in a few days.

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