Thinking about how great vision makes a difference. Without the visionary qualities of so many individuals throughout history many of those things we now take forgranted would not exist – the breakthroughs, the discoveries, the exploration, the ideas…

What in your opinion is the greatest breakthrough in history? Light bulb, telephone, flight, internet….?
Who are your top visionaries?

6 thoughts on “Talking About Vision

  1. I believe the greatest breakthrough in having a vision is being able to outwork it.

    Remembering that there is life & death in the power of the tongue, is that why great visionaries have seen their vision come to pass?

    ‘The Church That I See’ was written by Brian Houston over 20 years ago; perhaps that is why Hillsong is the way it is today, because the words of life were sown in vision.

    Men can have great vision, but many may never see it became a reality – it stays a distant dream. Which in some ways is great as it keeps you chasing; but there has to be a time where the horizon of reality & vision meet.


  2. The greatest breakthrough is when a vision gets legs. Dreamers are wasting their time unless it translates into an implementable idea that others can get hold of and enthuse about. The breakthrough comes when a visionary inspires people who catch hold of the overall concept but are helped to see how they are an integral cog in the process. Ownership of their part of the field (like the geezer in the bible who hung on to his sword while defeinding his portion of the field) is the key to translating vision into reality.

    Visionaries also need to see their vision in the context of something greater. Church visionaries have to take care they don’t lose their context. For example, a leader who only has a vision for their own ministry has forgotten that the kingdom of God is altogether bigger than their ministry. When ministry becomes M-inistr-Y personal ownership has robbed them of the real reason for doing wht they are doing.

    Top Visionaries: William Booth (no question here!)

  3. Vision is about what we see. Someone said, A vision is a preferred future. So it needs to be something positive, with hope, preferably large enough for people to be inspired by, but clear enough for people to see how they can be involved. The greatest breakthrough is when the vision is translated into reality and lives are changed!!
    Vision is essential, it is a great energiser, it is a focus so we know what we are not supposed to be doing s well!!
    Greatest visionaries :
    Jesus : Go into all the world
    William Wilberforce
    Winston Churchill : Made the defeat of evil forces essential. The vision was forced upon him, not easy but he inspired by words the vision of the future
    Martin Luther King Jr: I have a dream….

  4. Not sure who I’d say is the top visionary, but I love how Jack Welch articulates the process of vision…
    “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”
    This is the visionary journey in a nutshell.

  5. A visionary is someone who takes time out to spend with God to hear His Heart and see His plan and then to generously spread it around so that God can use whom HE wants to fulfil this vision.

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