Was out yesterday doing some filming. Its the first time I’ve ever done stuff like that for use within a service at Xcel Church Darlington in a few weeks. Goodness knows what it will look like. Despite thinking very carefully about what I wanted to say I felt like I completely rambled and made no sense at all.

When I talk about vision – I don’t lack passion. Those listening will definitely know that I mean what I say.

When I talk about vision – I believe in it. Vision is powerful and in my opinion essential. More important though is what you do with that vision – that is the difference. Anyone can dream but not everyone fulfils it.

That’s the challenge. That’s a challenge for me right now. I have new ventures I am excited about, I have big dreams for them but words are nothing if I don’t act on them. I am as determined as ever to give it my best shot.

A friend asked me if I could have made any money from the coaching & mentoring I am looking to offer in schools during the past month. That’s one of those great questions you don’t want to be asked. If I’m honest, yes I could have but I didn’t. I had excuses, legitimate ones in my view but on reflection a little weak.

I am in the midst of the challenge that vision brings. I will make it to the other side.

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