I’m relatively new to Pastoring so I’m still in the excitable stage of it all but I am learning that Church can be a place of fairly random stuff. We meet in a room at a Leisure Centre, right next to a market square in the middle of Darlington. These are my best moments so far…

2 guys who were walking outside the building in the marketplace came in to the service on Sunday just because they heard the music through an open window

Some kids came in one week who were in the building competing in a karate competition and were heard to comment when they left ‘That Church place was alright’

Watching peoples faces as they read the t-shirts of our team of Hosts – it only says xcelchurch but I think it’s what they least expect on a Sunday morning when they are coming in for a swim

Cramming 96 people into the room – not particularly random but even for the Pastor – totally unexpected..oh to break that 100 barrier!!

Being next to the sellers of all things brass band – we weren’t there last year so I think we had invaded his space, plus he couldn’t work out why so many people would want to come to Church

Love that staff in The Bistro are telling us that its been a great morning for us!

I know they are not that random but I’m just a toddler really, shouting from the back of the car & pointing ‘COW’ every few seconds when we pass one – everything is new. Maybe I’m easily pleased.

Random is good. It keeps you on your toes. Expect the unexpected.

2 thoughts on “Random Observations

  1. It’s cool that your church is informal with the t-shirts and meeting in the community center, but what keeps you from becoming another institutional church that has a pastor spoon feeding his flock while trying to get them to come to church to improve the numbers and get the next bigger building? I know your intentions are good, but why not lay down all authority at Christ’s feet so the body can function with all the gifts it’s been given?

  2. You make a very challenging point. Bill Hybels always says ‘we count people, because people count’. Our heart at Xcel Church is all about loving people, loving God & loving life. The Christian life should be the most fun. I hope that people come, feel able to belong, are challenged by what we do & say, accept Jesus for who He is and then live a life fully expressing their love for God in everything they do.

    We don’t do intense. Its got to be real, surely that’s what makes it accessible for everyone? I agree we are about Growing BIGGER people not just a bigger Church.

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