Challenged myself today to be more random in how I do life – its not easy, without being silly. On reflection, I think I’m quite boring. Maybe thats a bit harsh but I think routine has a hold of me, the kids are the excuse for not doing stuff.

I completed a personality test recently for which the descriptions it said about me were ‘prudent’ ‘optimistic’ & ‘calm’, amongst others. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m stuck in a rut and getting contained, dare I say – boring!!

I need to throw some surprises into my world.
Do something new with the family.
Go a different way to work.
Speak to someone I’ve not had a long conversation with recently.
Email some friends.
Get out & about a bit more.

Any suggestions – without being ridiculous – are welcome.

Here’s hoping that people start to see a differnece in me and how I approach life.

2 thoughts on “Random is not easy

  1. Go point. I often try to be random -it isn’t easy, but strangely rewarding.

    1/ Go to the cinema during the day.
    2/ Go for an all white hair color.
    3/ Go to the coast and spend time praying.
    4/ Go for a facial.
    5/ Go for a swim after church service.
    6/ Go bird watching with one of your kids.
    7/ Go buy a canvas and paint a picture.
    8/ Go snowboarding for the day.
    9/ Go read a detective novel.
    10/ Go cut your neighbors grass.

  2. I have done 2 of these already. Maybe I have the ability to be more random than I give myself credit for.

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