God doesn’t have a day off.

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean I don’t need God. In fact, I am realising I need Him more than ever. Tomorrow is Vision Offering at Xcel Church and I am preaching at Darlington, in Central Hall, which I am so excited about. What an opportunity!

I’m not naturally a person of great emotion but I am so passionate about God building a great Church for the North East of England. My heart is for people. My prayers (amongst other stuff) this week…that God would increase my love for Darlington, that He would soften my heart towards people, it would become less about what I think He wants to say and more about what He wants to say.

Was reading somewhere yesterday (cannot remember where) ‘Let’s put on a show – on purpose!’ Not a performance but let’s show people what Christians are all about, let’s do that with a strong sense of purpose.

Going to be speaking on VISION…and some quick thoughts about God’s vision for people’s lives…
It’s inclusive NOT exclusive
It fills my life NOT empties it
It’s eternal NOT just for now

If you want to know more then you’ll have to come to Xcel Church Darlington, 11am, Central Hall – right in the middle of Darlington town centre! A few surprises too!

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