Yesterday was amazing! What a buzz! Xcel Church Darlington has only been going 4 months so moving to a bigger room was a real step of faith – and God honoured it!! People were gagging to be in there. We have talked about it since about week 4. Now we have a great problem – they want to be in there ALL the time. Back to the other room next week and its going to feel small in comparison.

So much to thank God for:
Someone became a Christian.
The teams did a great job.
Most people ever.
Continued growth.
Favour with the centre – amazing to their staff helping with the set up. I think they just want to be a part of something new.

The challenge is to keep that level of excitement and expectation up for the next few weeks.

It might be summer time but we must not let the momentum drop off. With that in mind I sent a message to the teams with some thoughts to challenge them, their teams and their SG’s…

I am believing for growth this summer both numerically & spiritually. Can I invite you to join me in any one of the following challenges…

Fast at least one day in both July & August.
Read through the Gospels – be excited about the impact Jesus makes!
Pray for at least 5 minutes everyday through July – into specific things happening in Darlington, for Xcel Church Darlo, for growth, for new Christians, etc…
Get involved in the Cloud Nine Sponsored Walk in South Park on the evening of the 23rd July

Let me know what you & others are up for & together let’s believe God for more. If stuff happens in your world then let me know – we are on this journey together & together we will see great things.

I am so excited about what God is doing. He is building His Church – I am honoured to be a part of making it happen.

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