I know this thought is old now but I am continuing to learn its value. My ability to connect with a large group of people as their leader is only as good as the ability to get them connecting on a relational level, in small groups. It is invaluable. Thinking about our Small Group [SG] tonight reminded me of the power of small…

It helps in discovering where people are at.
It helps in discovering what’s in their heart.
It helps in discovering who is with you or not.
It helps in breaking down barriers.
It helps in answering stuff that will not always be answered in the large crowd environment.

A great business, team, school or Church is about more than the crowd. It’s success is determined by the ability of the key team to connect with people on a more intimate, personal level. Big cannot always do that, small can.

Not an original thought but ‘the bigger you get, the smaller you need to become’.

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