We are about to launch into a new series at Xcel Church called Red Letters. Check out the promo we did here

The words of Jesus. It’s definitely a back to basics kind of series. I think we can read the Gospels without really getting to grips with what is actually being said through the words. There is so much in those ‘red letters’. We forget to easily what it must have been like to hear those words for the first time.

The ‘did He really say that’ reaction.
The ‘He cannot say that’ reaction.
The ‘I can relate to that’ reaction.
The ‘those words changed my life’ reaction.

I am going to enjoy unpacking this topic, which in reality is huge.

Let’s talk about Jesus the man, the Son of God, how the words He spoke always had an impact, how He spoke differently to different people, how His words showed what He was offended by.

Let’s talk about how we must treat the words, get into minds of people who were hearing them for the first time – how Jesus used them to show value, paint pictures, challenge the process, challenge religion, turn tradition on its head, so to speak.

The words of Jesus were effected by what
He was offended by…
He was impressed by…
He was unimpressed by…

His words had focus
His words challenged
His words had power
His words brought life

It’s going to be great. Love to know what your favourite words of Jesus are and the reason for that!

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