Preparation for Sundays can become all-consuming.

Taking the theme, the Word, the idea or concept and then allowing it time to ruminate within. It’s a fine balance between making sure it’s what God wants to say and not what I think God wants to say. Maybe there is a set formula, something I should be doing – if there is can someone let me know.

I like to see the whole thing in front of me so I can see the journey that the series will take people on. That is vital. So, plenty of plain paper, lots of scribbles of thoughts, ideas, stories and verses attached to the theme or main areas within it. It’s difficult to explain but I guess as long as it makes sense to me.

I then carry that stuff with me all the time, chewing over it, praying over it, making the message part of me, talking it out loud – goodness knows what people driving by me think. Doing this gives me time to get Gods view on what is in my heart to share. I am of the opinion that if what I am going to preach is real to me, then it helps me connect with those who will hear it and it makes it more real to them.

Preaching is not about me – its about equipping people with the right tools to walk their Christian life well, wherever they do life. This series on the Words of Jesus (see previous post) is going to be amazing but with a series like this, the burden of responsibility has already begun to kick in – bringing the right word, making it relevant to peoples circumstances whilst challenging them too, speaking the truth and allowing God to have His way.

Update: getting excited about delving in the Red Letters – the Words of Jesus. It’s interesting to think about what His words are full of, how they challenged when they were first heard and continue challenge today.

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