Continuing with the series on the Words of Jesus across our venues this Sunday. It’s such a vast topic that my Senior Pastor and I, even though we discussed the topic at some length, have both taken a slightly different angle for our messages.

It is very much a revelation thing. In my times of reflection this week I have thought much about how Jesus changed the culture through the words He spoke. He changed pre-conceived ideas about what God was like, who could reach God and how they could reach Him. The traditions that maybe kept some from entering were offensive to Jesus and He talked a different language which was much more inclusive and definitely more accessible.

Two more Sundays to go. This week we will be digging a little deeper into how Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God, checking out some parables and also how He always gave faith the big up. It’s all BIG STUFF in this topic but I know the guys at Xcel Church Darlington can handle it!

Reading the Gospel with an investigative attitude certainly brings thoughts to mind. Imagining how people felt hearing those words for the first time, those sharp intakes of breath, the realisation that they were included – must have been so exciting. No wonder they thought that Jesus was a revolutionary who had come to set up a new kingdom.

I think our role is to echo the words of Jesus in our lives each day. That sounds easier writing it than doing it, but the challenge of living the lifestyle He desires is worth it because of the rewards it brings – to us and more importantly, those we come into contact with.

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