This is a great little book, packed full of those reminders about vision that as a leader you can very easily forget. Sometimes it’s good to receive a friendly kick and this book definitely does that.

Lots of people have great vision but not all those people can make it stick. Andy Stanley reminds us of 5 simple things that the leader is responsible for but obviously don’t always do…

State the vision simply – make it memorable
Cast the vision convincingly – the problem, the solution, the reason

‘I’ll make a prediction. If you and your team will set aside time to define the problem, state your vision as a solution, and discover a compelling reason why now is the time to act, you will walk away from that meeting, or series of meetings, with more passion for what you are about than you thought possible. Something will come alive in’

Repeat the vision regularly – we all need reminding why we are doing what we are doing, reminded about what’s at stake.
Celebrate the vision systematically – let people know about wins
Embrace the vision personally – the leader must live out the vision – that establishes credibility and makes you worth following

In addition to these great reminders he also warns us to watch for some ‘vision slippage indicators’. Vision drift is slow. Leaders must keep watch: New things, ideas and projects have the potential to distract from the main thing. Leaders must keep listening: what questions, compliants and stories are people talking about.

I really enjoyed this book. As someone who has care for a congregation of about 100 people, I am ever mindful of making sure the vision for Xcel Church Darlington sticks with people. I am understanding the final thoughts of Andy for myself…

Making your vision stick requires bold leadership.
It takes more than imagination and passion to make what could be and should be into what is.
It requires daily attention & commitment.

Love to hear other peoples thoughts. I would recommend this book to established leaders of groups as well as individuals who perhaps considered themselves leaders in training. Buy it here

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