Continuing our discussion on leading teams, here some more observations…

Don’t let your feelings effect the team members feelings
It might be tough, things might not be as they should be, stuff might be going wrong – but as team leader here is a great lesson to learn – the rest of the team should not be affected by your annoyance of stuff going wrong or that you are just having ‘one of those days’.

Remember – you will get you chance to air your thoughts to those who lead you. One thing I learnt right at the beginning of all my leadership was this ‘Who needs to know?’ I reckon the person doesn’t need to know as often as they think they do.

The team leader is there to motivate not moan.

Keep your head while all around are losing theirs.
I know – it’s a very similar but I just like it as a thought. Your influence cannot be underestimated – if you remain calm amidst the chaos it will have an incredible effect. Make it a rule in your teams – no flapping allowed. Keep it light, keep it fun!

Team leaders set the tone – if you moan, the team moans. If you flap, the team will flap. If you are up for any challenge, the team will be up for it too. If you stay focused so will the rest of your team.

Any thoughts or experiences – I would love to hear about them

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