This Sunday we finish the Red Letter series at Xcel Church. I have really enjoyed delving into the words of Jesus and spending some time in the study of them – the problem for me is that there is so much we could talk about but so little time.

This week we will bring the series to a close by looking at the Sermon on the Mount. Maybe, in a Churchillian way, this was Jesus’ finest hour, a great oration from the master communicator. Or maybe it was so much more – a message to take us beyond the law, not to remove it but to transform it in to something more powerful and world changing.

Hopefully we will have enough time to look at 3 distinct aspects of Jesus’ words…

We are the light of the world
We are to go a little further
We are to remember the word ‘don’t’

One thing I know…Jesus wants us to keep the law but not live by that standard. He set a new mark, which could look like He just made the impossibleness of the Christian walk even more impossible. Let’s talk light, buckets, salt, cheeks, miles, stuff, worry, anger, planks, judging, narrow ways and loads more I know we won’t get through it all.

Thank God that we don’t live life in our own strength, that Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, that He said He would send us another Helper who would lead us and guide us in all truth. What a rush the Christian walk is – I love it. It truly is the ultimate challenge.

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