Some more thoughts on leading teams…

A word of encouragement goes a long way.
It’s incredible that so many people don’t say thanks. It’s such a powerful tool for any leader. It is said that the main reason people leave teams is due to a lack of appreciation. Make sure you take every opporunity to build on success, affirm people, reward them, have them round for a coffee. We used to cram the whole team into our living room – more often than not just to give them the big up!

It’s easy to notice the negative. Spend more time looking for what people are doing well and congratulate them for it – in private & in public too. Watch the difference it makes.

Know your team
Is this the greatest challenge of team leading? Maybe. Knowing your team, learning what makes them tick, unlocking their potential, discovering their strengths, getting them in the right place. Running a team is like playing football – everyone has their favourite position. Here’s a lesson though – their favourite position is not necessarily their best position. (I mean, I love to play up front, who doesn’t, you get to score the goals. My best position though – just in front of defence.)

Move people around but let them find their place and then encourage them to flourish in it. A happy team is a healthy team which becomes a team more likely to win.

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