There are probably many more thoughts on how to lead teams – I imagine that if you google it literally millions of pages will be found. These are just what I’ve been learning…

Concentrate on the ‘Why’ not the ‘What’
People have joined the team so they know there is a job to do. They accept that. What can become annoying to some is the continuous reminder of the ‘whats’, picked up on when it’s not quite right and feeling nagged all the time. Now, I’m not saying you never correct, that is important but micro-managing is never fun. Not for the person doing it or the person receiving it.

Better to talk more about the ‘why’ aspect of the team. Why does the team exist? Why are we important to the success of the vision? Why do we do what we do?

At Xcel Church – we are building a strong, healthy, relevant Christian Church. We do that through being builders of a new Conference Centre, a great Aycliffe Venue and two thriving congregations at Darlington & Durham. Why do we do this? To reach people. It’s all Church. It’s all about being a great Christian influence in business and in community across the region.

If you keep the why in front of your team you have every chance of getting them to invest their time, energy, belief and finances, almost anything probably, to see the vision become a reality.

How do you feel as a team member when you are constantly reminded about what to do? How does the why factor influence you?

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