My final thought on team leading…

The leader must own it
Whatever it is you are leading then you must own it. Ownership is more than position, it is an attitude. See, the thing with ownership is, it displays itself – all the time. Are you really bothered how everything will turn out? What will you do to make sure the team succeed?

Ownership is not easy.
Ownership is 24/7.
Ownership usually costs.
Ownership is for everyone but not everyone wants the responsibility.
Ownership is action more than words.
Ownership is about adding value wherever you can.
Ownership is inconvenient.

As a leadership test, being able to lead a team is obviously very important. Understanding people, empowering them to fulfil their true potential, helping them learn and discover how working together can bring success – it’s not for everyone. And that’s okay!

From my experience, people normally fall into any of the following categories. They could be in all 3 but for different things they are involved in…

…be involved as long as its convenient to you. i.e. falls in with your plans & timing
…be involved but once the ask becomes too much and starts to inconvenience you then bail out
…be involved no matter what – enjoy the challenge of the journey

[Love to hear any of your thoughts about leading teams. What are your experiences?]

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