Seth Godin put a great post on his blog recently asking the simple question: are they ready to listen?

He states that ‘Most people, most of the time, steadfastly refuse to pay attention’.

As a Pastor/Leader I have to pay attention to stuff like this. I am in the business of marketing the greatest message. The methods might change but the message stays the same. How can I make sure people are ready? Every week over 500 people come to the various venues of Xcel Church so it becomes a very valid question to ask: are they ready to listen?

These are my own thoughts here but I imagine Church is made up of a variety of different types of people…

…those who come, listen, grasp a hold of everything, eat, live & breathe God and have a real desire to make a difference
…those who come, listen to the stuff they like but miss out on the rest
…those who come, attenders only
…those who come, don’t really listen but want to be listened to

Perhaps the challenge for me as a leader is to make sure that what I am saying is worth listening to, making sure that I am talking about Gods view (not my view) on stuff that everyone else is talking about and would therefore be more willing to listen.

Share your thoughts: what are the issues you think Church should be talking about?

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