Ever since we launched Xcel Church Darlington just 5 months ago my prayer has been that I always do what God wants me to do, not what I want. Seeing the changes that God is making in peoples lives is such a privilege. What a joy to see lives transformed.

As we hit the summer months my prayers are focused on a number of things…

…to see an increase in the presence of God in our meetings
…to continue seeing new people coming each Sunday
…to keep myself right with God
…to capture Gods heart for people
…to hear Gods voice as I prepare for future messages. I know what I would like to say but Gods words are much better.
…for my family, as we spend time together over the summer while children off school
…to see breakthroughs in peoples lives – what a testimony they will be!!

Maybe, if you can, you will join with me this week as I pray each morning and fast for a couple of days. I desperately want to see God do something amazing in the lives of the people of Darlington. Share your thoughts on here…

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