Another book in the Leadership Library. I found this little book packed with some insightful thoughts from leading Pastor Bill Hybels of Willow Creek. If anyone has earned the right to comment, I think he has.

The general thought of the book is that sometimes the tried and tested ‘leadership laws’ are not the right answer for a Christian leader and that discipleship is a better route. After all, Jesus seemed ‘willfully to violate well-known, widely accepted laws of leadership.’

Hybels then lists some of these…picking the wrong team, losing momentum, not taking advantage of good PR opportunities, stirring up unnecessary controversy, not leveraging his influence …etc.

The idea behind this book is easy to grasp – it’s clearly in the title. People need to be led but sometimes by entering their world, giving of yourself and loving them through circumstances is the best answer. When leadership & discipleship collide…decide on discipleship every time. Defer to the Bible.

Why? Walking the path that God paves for you only happens when you do this. The Holy Spirit will prompt you. After all, as it says in the book ‘when we get it right, and especially when we don’t, we impact people’s eternities.’

A recommended read for all Christian leaders. A great reminder that God always knows what is best for people and that it may not always be according to the leadership laws we know and trust in so much. Get your copy here

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