Creating the right culture is an essential part of bringing about the vision you see. I desire that everyone feels comfortable being part of Xcel Church Darlington – whatever their background, lifestyle or habits. We all came from somewhere, we just might be further on the journey than others when it comes to knowing Christ and living out our salvation.

These thoughts from the book No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke might help…
‘Our responsibility is not to make people grow or change. Our task is to create the right soil, a rich healthy environment, in which people can grow up in faith until the invisible God is made visible through His Body, the Church’

‘God is responsible for the growth, for changed hearts, but the soil is the responsibility of the the leaders and Christ-followers who make up that Church.’

These are great reminders that an ultra-modern, all-flashing, relevant vision is not enough. I must make sure that culture is right too. What is the soil like that I am asking people to get planted in? Is it only me that understands that or do the Church get the culture too?

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