The next 3 weeks at Xcel in Darlington are going to be fun. We are talking about marriage and parenting. It’s a quick, scratch the surface type message but the importance of opening up these subjects to the Word cannot be underestimated.

We can all learn from others.

Pastor John & his wife Lisa will be talking about marriage.
Pastor Chezz & his wife Louise will be talking about parenting (they have 3 kids already & one arriving any day soon)

The 3rd week is a Q&A on these topics.

What would you like to ask? What helpful hints would you give about marriage and parenting?

One thought on “New Series: The Family Three

  1. not a question, just a realisation I have finally come to. One that I’m sure you will agree with. Holidays are a necessity, not a luxury – they don’t have to be all bells and whistles holidays, but family life is so busy these days, that a break is needed. It allows you to re-group and evaluate where you are and where you are going in life.

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