This post on Church Relevance makes interesting reading. Actually, it’s encouraging in one way and challenging in another.

As the main preacher that people coming to Xcel Church Darlington will hear I must work hard to be sure that I communicate well and that the message is right. The journey that people take when they come to Xcel is different for everyone but I hope that they not only enjoy the preaching, but will stay, get to know others and then get involved in something along the way.

Whatever – its great fun.

What keeps you at Church? What made you stay?

One thought on “Why People Come & Stay at a Church

  1. people making an effort to make me feel welcome is what got me to come back initially, a feeling of belonging is what keeps me there,being part of the vision, good friends all with a common purpose to glorify God’s name with honour and praise. Being free to be just me. These are just some of the things.

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