Is pastoring people the ultimate challenge?

Believing the best in people. Believing God for people. Trusting God for the breakthrough that people need today, right now, not in a few weeks or months. Just keeping on asking, seeking and knocking on the door. I will be a nag to God if that’s what it will take.

Too many people, me included at times if I am brutally honest, are too self-absorbed. We really do walk around sometimes with a spotlight on ourselves, with a look at me attitude, a listen to my problems mantra.

This is my prayer for right now:

“God, hit me round the head. Wake my senses up to the stuff going on around me. Give me a wholehearted kick up the behind so that I can see the needs of those right next to me. Help me be less ‘there, there’ and more active. Remind me again Lord – IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. Give me wisdom. Big shoulders. A heart of compassion and the willingness to be moved.

Break me if you need to God. Put me on my knees for someone other than myself.”

A few weeks ago I spoke a little about being plank-sighted. I need to nitpick less. I need to get over myself (my wife reminds me of this occasionally). I need more of you God in my life.

My vision is for a Church that makes a difference. One full of individuals, couples & families that live for a cause bigger than themselves. It MUST start with me first.

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