Believing the Best

Is pastoring people the ultimate challenge?

Believing the best in people. Believing God for people. Trusting God for the breakthrough that people need today, right now, not in a few weeks or months. Just keeping on asking, seeking and knocking on the door. I will be a nag to God if that’s what it will take.

Too many people, me included at times if I am brutally honest, are too self-absorbed. We really do walk around sometimes with a spotlight on ourselves, with a look at me attitude, a listen to my problems mantra.

This is my prayer for right now:

“God, hit me round the head. Wake my senses up to the stuff going on around me. Give me a wholehearted kick up the behind so that I can see the needs of those right next to me. Help me be less ‘there, there’ and more active. Remind me again Lord – IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. Give me wisdom. Big shoulders. A heart of compassion and the willingness to be moved.

Break me if you need to God. Put me on my knees for someone other than myself.”

A few weeks ago I spoke a little about being plank-sighted. I need to nitpick less. I need to get over myself (my wife reminds me of this occasionally). I need more of you God in my life.

My vision is for a Church that makes a difference. One full of individuals, couples & families that live for a cause bigger than themselves. It MUST start with me first.


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