This is Brian Houstons latest offering. You could say that this stuff is what he is famous for – helping people discover the greatest cause that any individual can live for. Vision is great but a cause has more power.

This is an incredibly easy read. However, that does not mean that the content is easy too. As you read you catch a glimpse of Brians heart for people, his heart for seeing people fulfill their God-given destiny.

3 things that stuck out for me:
1. ‘Vision generates excitement and enthusiasm but the cause of Christ generates power.’ Love that truth. Vision unattached to a greater cause is just a list of personal goals. Nothing wrong with setting goals but they are easily forgotten, changed or defeated. A cause doesn’t allow for options – it just stays with you all the time.

2. A Holy Calling is not some mystical thing, only reached through retreating from the world and seeking God in solitude. “There are things in your heart that the Lord has deposited there, and as you begin to step out in faith, keeping God central, He will begin to reveal, refine, and release you in your holy calling” I love that it is that simple. We over complicate it sometimes when its just about us living out the things we do each day with God smack bang at the centre of it all.

3. “A heart surrendered to God recognises the need to live beyond personal desires and surrender self to God’s will” I pray that I would be this kind of person. It is not about me but too often I make it about me. To really live for the cause is to lay down my own ambitions and trust God to put even better ones in my way.

A recommended read – definitely makes you think about the vision you should have for your life. An especially good read for new Christians. Get your copy here

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