Been thinking about how we are reaching people. How can we get people through the doors of Xcel Church in Darlington if they don’t know we exist?

The most obvious way is for people to bring people. Which they do and I love that. For the rest – need to make sure the signage is right, some new leaflets, some sort of editorial piece for the local press, plus me, being in Darlington more often, meeting people, keeping up with what’s going on.

God is increasing my heart for people. For a town which people say is hard to love. Let me say, it’s not about people just for numbers sake but then again, maybe it is. One more person coming to Xcel Church means one more person having the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

Here comes an incredibly bold statement that need to work towards achieving: I think I would do just about anything (anything short of sin, that is) to help people cross the line into the Kingdom of God. The ‘how’ part of vision is something to discuss further.

Your thoughts please…

10 thoughts on “How Do People Know We Exist?

  1. The local newspaper has a thought of the week from a local religious leader in Darlington. Perhaps you could feature here??

  2. Trendy advertising in the local press,
    bill board advertising(why not)lol Andy Elmes did this with his team at 3am in the morning. paste + brush with a ladder and no premission. If it was done proper, it would certainly get some attension.
    Video clips of peoples lives changed! (this was brilliant, alot of people loved it)
    I have noticed at present there is no start times on show in the dolphin centre. Start times and location of church in the centre. Signs on all levels and on show for people to see, as Julian said make sure the signage is right.
    Some new leaflets maybe including offers for The Bistro.
    Provide some parties in darlo’s hotels and nightclubs (kaylee dancing nights, charity nights…lol pool party, RPM & PY live in the market place.
    just some thoughts
    sorry for wittering on.

  3. Darlington has a mag that go to out every home once month its called the Town Crier maybe you could put somthing in there, they advertise whats going on in darlington for the month ahead ect. It is done by Darlington borough council details are on their website.

  4. Thanks Sharon – I’ll check it out.

    Loving the sharing of ideas. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts when you read.

  5. just another thought, the community centres in Darlington play a big part in peoples lives on the different estates, working with people to help try to improve there lives, eg. life long learning, job club, midwife, healthy eating, housing, cafe ect. Maybe we could send some info about the church and church life, py ect.

  6. Hello Julian
    I’m on holiday in Spennymoor (wierd or what?)

    I managed to find out that you exist! With a little more thought on your web presence most people looking for a church in Darlington will be able to find you.

    As for getting people through the door – you might find that talking to people in Darlington about their eternal destiny is not as difficult as some expect. The task of evangelism (one of the tags on this thread) is that of sowing seed. We are promised that those who sow will reap (perhaps not the same place as they sow – but the promise stands: Psalm 126)
    You may like to check out – they are based in Gateshead and have some terrific ice breakers (tracts) which people actually like to receive – give them a call and hear how street evangelism can be effective in the UK in the 21st Century – 0191 487 8626

    It’s great to see you building a new church in Darlington – may God guide every step!

  7. Thanks Laird for your comments. It’s great to get some thoughts from someone who is not part of Xcel Church. I agree that we definitely need to sow more seed

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