We had a good time this morning. I enjoyed it for one reason: we were answering some questions that people who don’t come to Church are asking.

Thought I’d put some on here for your perusal. (Any irreverent comments will be deleted)

How do you decide a person is the person you should marry?

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given about marriage?

When neither spouse agrees in decision making, how do you come to a solution?

In todays society, many parents treat their children as friends. How do you view this and what does the Bible say about it?

Is spanking/smacking your children permissible? If so, how is it best done?

What are the main principles to instil into your children as Christian parents?

What are views on TV, DVD & games consoles? (In the context of parenting/kids)

Is it right for a Christian and non-Christian to have sex if they are in love? (In marriage yes; outside of marriage no – whoever you are)

Hope we gave some sensible answers, Godly answers, that can help people when they are at work during the week.

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