This is a dangerous post. Let’s talk about something that people don’t talk about.

We are ‘to become more like Jesus’, that’s what the Bible says – but are we?

When I really think about this I have to admit that sometimes, in fact, maybe a lot of the time, I am not as much like Jesus as I could be. Now there’s a confession. Hope it doesn’t lose me my Pastor credentials.

Be honest. Think about it for a moment…if Jesus were about, where we would He be most of the time? In Church? Or possibly outside, connecting with people, hanging out with the lost, the lonely, the broken, the law-breakers, the outcasts – everyone most people work hard to avoid.

Questions I have been asking myself: Do I spend too much time about the business of Church and not enough time with people, non-Church people? I have a vision for Xcel Church Darlington…it involves seeing many lives changed, transformed by Jesus. Is it right that I ask those that already come to go out into their worlds, reach out to family, friends and work colleagues but not work as hard at that myself.

Let me say this: I am determined to reach people. To become a bringer. To be an influencer. To connect in a normal, non-whacky spiritual way – just me, getting to know someone else. To answer their questions, to be honest with them and hopefully help them discover the truth about Jesus for themselves.

This thought is not original…I read in a book about a Pastor who asked about 20 of his team if any of them had hung out with some non-Christians that week, socialising with them in non-Church activities. The answer….100% no! We are meant to live in the world but not according to the worlds culture. Maybe we have retreated too much and are hiding our ‘light under the bucket’ instead of just being ready, willing and available to live a great Christian life and seize the opportunities when they come – not force the issue all the time.

So, changes a foot. A different schedule needed. Spending time in the business of Church is important but spending too much time surely misses the point. I feel the need to ‘live full’ but ‘die empty’ so whatever happens I need to make sure I am giving it everything I can to see people into the Kingdom.

Hope thats not too honest and that it makes sense…just where God is prodding me at the moment.

What is your answer to this question?

3 thoughts on “Am I Becoming More Like Jesus?

  1. Julian

    Great post!

    Getting the balance right is a difficult trick. Spend too little time with your flock and they dont recognise you or feel abandoned and spend to much you turn into a sheep baaaaaaaa.

    I am a husband, father to three demanding kids, run a busy business and have a number of responsabilities in the local Church (I am not a church leader as in elder / pastor but a small group leader, involved in the worship team and as your church is renovating an old warehouse into a conference centre I am involved in that as well on a business / sales / marketing role). So time is of importance.

    However I use what comes my way. Whether its the matre’d in my fav mexican resturant (mmmmm fajitas…. sorry got lost there for a moment) or the baristas at my local starbucks (they know what my wifer and I have and have them ready for us when its our turn to order) or the dads in the cue to pick uip our sons from beavers / cubs etc I take what Father gives me.

    This IS NOT HARD you just need to take the time for people when and where you meet people.

    I run a mens breakfast in our church which is a completely NON christian event, its a time for the lads to get together and discuss lads things, Top Gear, DIY, sports, naff cars we have owned we dont bring church stuff up. That makes it easy to invite none church men to it. They then get to know the church lads / men without any hangups and often leads to them asking questions about our faith and church as they are curious about this bunch of bacon chomping loons they are having unidentifiable animal product with.

    We make this a big thing when it can be very easy.

    Once that is done its easy to invite people to church events… and thats a different story which i will tackle in my next post on my blog (got to get the product placement in somewhere)

  2. Thanks for the comment. Let’s make sure we keep making the most of every opportunity – without being a Christian fruit-loop, just normal every day guys, doing life but with God at the centre.

  3. It takes time but eventually they ask the questions you want them to ask. Its not hard be yourself, be good humoured smile and be interested in them.

    Often all people want is someone to take an interest in them.

    If you ever catch me being a Christian fruit-loop you can take me out backand shoot me….

    Lord save me from being a Christian fruit-loop!!

    (Nice phrase may have to use it myself, I prefer hyper charismatic wing nut myself)

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