My favourite thing…vision.

I think if I could not spend time dreaming then life would be stifled, boring. Vision helps me keep creative, helps with maintaining some freshness, it has no boundaries. Been thinking about how a simple vision can make such a huge difference.

Jesus’ vision was simple…I will build my Church.

That is an incredibly powerful vision. It certainly gets you imagining what could be…especially with God on your side. The Church is such an amazing organisation, full of so many different people, all at different stages in their walk with God, each carrying various expectations of what God can do in their life and dealing with an abundance of issues both good and bad every day!! Thank God that God said He would build it!!

That vision certainly fits on the front of a t-shirt.

It’s a vision that changed the world. A simple vision, easy to understand and get behind. 12 ordinary men took it on and look what they did (with a little help from the Holy Spirit).

Jesus’ vision is simple and visual.

Just take a moment and think about Church and what you would love your Church to become. Visual is important. It helps establish the vision in the hearts and minds of those who come. People like to know how everything fits together.

As a Pastor this is important to me…if people cannot see their place it can become hard for them to feel that they fit, which could mean they are more likely to only visit and not stay. A visual vision is more powerful than words, it captures the imagination, it breeds confidence, it shows someone the possible progress and how the Church desire to help them do that.

Xcel Church makes it simple for people to belong, even if they don’t believe. I’m certain that this is the Jesus way of doing things, after all, He was accepting of everyone.

Love God…get connected every Sunday, discover God for the first time at Aycliffe, Darlington or Durham through great worship and life-giving word

Love People…become part of a Small Group, meet new people, dig deeper into God with like-minded people on the same journey as you

Love Others…serve, in Church and in the Community and get involved in a cause bigger than you

Is that too simple? Have I made it as easy as 1,2,3…hope you can see where you fit and what could be next. A vision like that is worth giving everything for and in my opinion should always be easy to grasp hold of.

[What do you think? Is Church simple or complex?]

3 thoughts on “Great Vision is Always Simple

  1. Great thoughts here. It may seem obvious, but so many folks miss the power of communicating vision visually.

    I’d also add that simple doesn’t mean simplistic. It often takes quite a bit of effort to wade through complexity and chaos to arrive at simple — but it’s worth the effort. Having and maintaining vision clarity is key — keep up the good work!

  2. Totally agree. A simple vision is only simple because people can understand it and connect with it, and as I am learning, that can be hard work but well worth the effort.

    Will check out your blog…thanks for checking me out and leaving some comments.

  3. I think there is getting to be a great Darlington identity within the main vision of Excel Church and that you are building this in through all your efforts. It is plain to see that you and Kerina now have a great love for the work here and the people. With all the elements that are present in the existing vision for Xcel Church this is just tremendous.
    Kenneth Hagin said ” An old stray dog understands what love is ” When you are welcomed, included and made to feel important it is a great thing. I believe this is how people felt around JESUS. How important would Zacchaeus feel when JESUS said ” I’m coming round for tea ” ?
    This is a very simple thing but not so easy to achieve. There is always a buzz in the services and afterwards over a cup of tea. A vision is as much caught as taught and I think Xcel makes it easy for people to catch on to what we are all about. That is clear and simple – LOVING GOD AND LOVING PEOPLE.
    Praise the LORD the momentum is growing and it is just brilliant to be part of something so powerful and alive and something that will be so effective in this town and region.

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