A thought, a dream, a vision. How does it happen?


However great the idea if you cannot influence others to become part of it too it will never become the phenomenon you have dreamed it could be.

Don’t we have the ultimate in life-changing visions.
Don’t we believe that local Church is the hope for our nation.
Don’t we know that Jesus is the answer.

To grow a life-changing, people transforming, making a difference Church for the 21st Century – that’s why Xcel Church exists. That’s why I love being Pastor at Xcel Church Darlington.

A Church full of individuals.
A Church full of individuals with their own story of what God has done and is doing.
A Church full of individuals influencing their world.

You can be a great influencer by doing one of 3 three things…


3 simple things we can do that can change somebodies eternal destiny.

I would love to see Xcel Church Darlington full of people but more than that, I would love to see it full of people, each one influencing as many people as they can. That’s how we change Darlington for God.

[September 7th in Central Hall, Darlington – let’s talk about this some more]

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