So Mike Guglielmucci has made a huge mistake. There are a number of people who are making comments…

My friend Chezz talks about leadership in difficult times

Chris Denham asks how should we deal with this

Both point to an article by Mal Fletcher and another blog shows him speaking about this on youtube

The long and the short of it is this: he has made a mistake. Haven’t we all. I like how this Pastor is responding to it all by asking questions of his own relationship with God.

The first thing that came to my mind was that we need to be careful. Are we not all just one silly mistake away from losing it all? Is our integrity intact? Have we never made any mistakes? Are you someone who never sins? How is your relationship with God? Are you keeping strong in the Christian basics?

3 things that Jesus said are probably a good place to start
‘Let him without sin cast the first stone’.
‘Judge not, lest you be judged’
‘First take the plank out of your own eye before you comment about the speck in others’

God’s grace is amazing. He truly is the God of the second chance and don’t know about you, I’ve been glad for that a few times, so maybe that makes him the God of the second, third, fourth….and more chances. His love for us never changes. Nothing we can do can make him love us any less or any more and the same is true for Mike.

Just some thoughts…

11 thoughts on “Don’t Throw That Stone

  1. Perhaps the most shocking part is that the deception lasted (almost) 2 years. This is sadly more than a small indiscretion – but something that should be forgiven nonetheless.

    Having said that, I would be disappointed if the church simply forgave and moved forward without taking any lessons out of this.

    This is a fantastic time for soul-searching, and looking at how we can improve what we do. I only hope that leaders and lay Christians are wise in doing this.

  2. Thanks for the comment. In God’s eyes sin is sin. And forgiveness is not always easy and yes, I agree there must be some accountability for his actions.

    Maybe we believe people too easily. I have some great people around me. Do they challenge me strongly enough? Do they ask the right questions? Am I really willing to answer those questions? Do I do the same for them?

    Let’s learn and protect ourselves by becoming more honest and open.

  3. Yes we should not throw stones as our faith teaches to forgive but there is no doubt that thousands have been hurt by his actions. I believe Mick should travel the world, especially the churches where he has preached his message and NOW preach forgiveness. This way he can ask forgiveness and we can learn also to actually apply what we are supposed to believe. This would be an amazing and powerful opportunity for Mick and us all to put forgiveness into REAL action in a BIG way ! !

  4. My heart hurts with every new report I see on this. I can only imagine how his family must feel. I think it’s very obvious that Mike is a broken man, like all of us. However I don’t think it would be right for him to be put in a public role or preach again, or at least until he’s back on track, and there needs to be a fair bit of time in between now and then for God to walk him through this journey.

    Unfortunately, as much as forgiveness is vital to the healing process, we have to remember that this lie was told and maintained in the public eye and played on the faith and vulnerabilities of many broken people in desperate need of healing, and therefore it will take a long time before a lot of these people are ready to trust him again. God does work all things together for the good of those who love him, and we are (or should be) all behind Mike and his family in prayer during this difficult time. But the bottom line is that there are consequences here that extend beyond a man and his own struggles… I know of several teens that are really questioning their faith in God right now as a result, so I’m not convinced putting him back on a platform is the best way forward, given the damage done.

    We remember while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, so with that in mind we do our best to love and support a brother in Christ in this dark time.

  5. Lets talk forgiveness as a new christian i am so let down by this situation, as his song Healer gave me a my wife much strenght through a very recent REAL life threatening situation now we see it all as lies i just have to focus on Christ , But i must say i hope that any money that he has benefitted from his ministry of lies is put into something beneficial as i know cant listen to the song that we have purchased on a dvd and itunes , it turns my stomach!!
    Hope im not throwing stones as i know i am a filthy sinner only made right daily by our Lords grace.
    Cheers Ed

  6. Thanks for the comments. This is an incredibly emotive subject.

    I love the song Healer, partly due to the story behind it but I liked what Mal Fletcher said in his statement that the truths are still true. Although the testimony has gone the words of the song stand true because God never changes. People will let you down, and it is hard, but God does not let you down, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins.

    This are obviously challenging times. Surely our faith is based on more than a song? Is it not based on what God had done for us?

  7. Hey guys… I just popped on, and I think i have something to say. I am not a big hillsong/planetshaker lover… I am not in to the whole big church thing, but each to their own, hey? And I heard about this from a friend, and my heart broke for the kids that hold on to his words and have been affected by it. And I dont know if people will read this, but I just want to encourage you and let you know that it is still ok to hold on to the truth that Mike wrote in those words to that song. Because although it wasn’t true for him, there is still much Godly truth in. God’s truth can be found in anything… even things that seem not quite right.

    And I think this can be a lesson in that it encourages us to find our own faith as well. After watching church culture over the years, I notice that it is so easy to “idolise” people in leadership – and this happens so much (especially in the “mega-church” scene). We can not put our hope in the words of man, because man will let us down. It is only God that gives us hope and in his truth alone. My prayer is that people can stop putting pastors as the holy of holy’s in their lives and to really find out what faith is to them. I think this is important, because I really think that the way we think needs to change. Let us be the Christians that God has called us to be, and really challenge what we have thought to be true.., I think God is so much bigger than anything that we can muster up.. and he has got so much more to say to us!!

  8. i totally agree. We’re all human who makes mistakes. “Healer” didn’t come from him, but from God. I believe he wrote that song so that he can be free from his addiction. Honestly, i’m proud of Mike because he did what he had to do. It takes alot of guts to come out and repent.

    Now is the moment where we christians around the world are tested – will we condemn him because he sinned and “stone” him, or should love and forgiveness reign in this situation, just like how we are taught in the church? Mike is just like any of us: bound by sin, yet still recepients of grace.

    God loves him and doesn’t condemn him, but that doesn’t give Mike the freedom to continue in his dark ways. As he had confessed his sin and chose to bring it to he light, i believe Mike can get restored, and he can change. Consequences are something he has to deal with. We shouldn’t be judgemental, after all, we all have sinned and hide ourselves because of shame. The good news is, we can never be too bad nor too dirty for God. He can clean us up.

    My prayer goes out to Mike and his whole family. And i hope that we can unite and help our brother in this time of need. Real Christians will let God’s love and forgiveness shine through themselves when we live what Jesus had thought us.

    Bless you guys.

  9. Hey, I agree with what’s being said. If you idolise someone in church, you raise them up on a pedastle. Theres only one person who wouldn’t trip up, and thats Jesus.

    Everyone is so suprised when things like this happen, but we’re all human and it’s inevitable. Mike’s life is magnified so much being in the position he is, so even though this seems pretty big. It’s nothing compared to the pressure he’s under.

    I think that through this everyone can learn that the leadership in Church isn’t completely pure. We all have the same opportunity to Sin regardless of our position. It’s just the medium in which people can sin which changes.

  10. Adding to what I said, Rheinhard Bonnke recently spoke at a conference I went to, Rocknations. Everyone raised him up so much, because of what he’s achieved etc. People think theres some sort of scale of how Christian you are which limits what you can do. The only thing that limits what you can do is that thinking.

    What I’m saying is lifting people up implies they’re more capable of ‘doing’ miracles and doing things for God yet.

    God is who the miracles stem and don’t we all have the same God inside of us? Mike is the same as everyone, just because he was the Worship Pastor doesn’t mean he can’t make the same mistakes.

    Peace out,

  11. I agree with a lot of the sentiments above. But am left shaking my head and wondering….how can we be so decieved…where is the power, where is the authority of God…how can those that are listening and hearing in the spirit….those on the wall…the watchmen and seers the bible tells us about be so duped. How can someone so public hide without being exposed or at the very least called to account and corrected before 2 years time…to save everyone disgrace and heart ache. After asking this over and over I believe we can only account for ourselves and doing a reality check ask to have discernment not only for ourselves, but the body…
    I once knew a youth who asked my son who was putting together rap gigs in T.O. a very hard question..he was a secular music producer who asked are you a christian doing rap music, or a rapper doing christian music…even the world knows the difference…so it brings me back again with the moving of God and excitement in this generation and next to ask why as the church are we so deceived
    just a question that I beleive will only be resolved with prayer

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