Yesterday will have been hard in many churches around the world but as a Pastor I cannot imagine what Pastors Danny Guglielmucci and Russell Evans must have been feeling.

There are a lot of comments out there about Mike Guglielmucci and what has been happening in his life. It seems that everyone has opinion, including me. Stuff like this certainly makes you think and has reminded me that I must be careful about the choices and decisions I make because of the impact they will have on others.

Mikes father read this statement in church yesterday. How tough this must have been I can only imagine. Keep praying for them, the family, for Mike and the church. The spotlight is on the Christian church right now – it is an opportunity for us to stand strong and to believe God in difficult times.

3 thoughts on “Standing Strong, Praying Strong

  1. None of this is any surprise to God. However long Mike has been living a lie, God has known about it and yet has allowed him to touch and change lives with his music. God’s capacity to use flawed characters to further His kingdom is both a supreme example of His immeasurable grace and, in a curious way, uplifting for us all in that we are all “flawed” in some way. Whilst this revelation poses major problems for Mike’s church, and challenges Christians everywhere, I fall back on the old cliche “there but for the grace of God…etc”. When I hear of things like this, I am made acutely aware of my own sinful ways, and would rather spend time dealing with the plank in my own eye rather than being judgmental of the speck in Mike Guglielmucci’s. Whilst I know this issue has to be dealt with in practical ways, on a personal level, I hope we can all pray and believe for him, for surely, in the final analysis, we all need others to pray and believe for us.

  2. I agree with these comments, while the song Healer may not have reflected the illness we thought it to be, there is no doubt it was written from the heart of a man who was truly suffering. The words of the song are powerful because og God’s truth, not becuase of man’s illness and I for one will continue to sing those words with complete devotion to God’s amzing healing power.

    Julian I just wanted to commend the way you have written on this topic, I think it is both thoughtful and thought provoking. It can be all to easy to critise others, while neglecting our own infirmities.

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