Continuing with some thoughts on vision….

A simple truth. For any vision to happen it needs someone or a group of someones to make it happen, to physically get off their backsides and work hard to see the vision become a reality.

When I think about local church I don’t struggle to get excited about what it can become. I see a thriving, healthy, relevant, growing congregation in Darlington, part of Xcel Church across the North East of England. You might see it too.

To grow that Church it takes ordinary people with a willingness to GO.

Having just posted about how much (or not) we are like Jesus, and how important influence is, maybe this is the next great challenge. Being a Christian is not for the faint-hearted, it is a daily walk, often requiring great discipline and determination to keep moving forward amidst life’s trials.

Think about though…

We cannot influence anyone if we don’t GO.

We cannot influence anyone if we hide away, keep ourselves to ourselves and don’t GO.

We need to be real people, with all our successes and failures on show, willing to share our journey, but remembering that it is God who is bringing us through.

For me to connect with anyone who is not a Christian I need to GO more places where non-Christians are. Obvious I know.

I don’t do the gym. Never have and probably never will.
I don’t play golf.
I don’t have a dog to walk.
I don’t have a new born baby to take for a push.

Doesn’t matter where I GO as long as I GO. After all, Matthew 28 was not a mild suggestion, I think it was more of command, it demands a response.

So, to everyone at Xcel Church Darlington…let’s rise to the challenge, let’s GO together. Let’s GO for it.

[Where do you GO? How can we help you GO?]

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