I would recommend this book to any Pastors and leaders, whether you think you have IT or not. It is a very easy read, written by someone who is on the same journey.

I always approach books I am reading with an attitude of wanting to learn, be reminded, to be poked in some way about how I am leading. This book did not disappoint. Some of the thoughts will doubtless come through in future posts…

Craig talks about an effective vision. It struck an accord with me…an effective vision is memorable, portable and motivational. It should capture attention, stir hearts and be irresistibly moving. It should cause agitation, ambition, ignition, even competition. Certainly something to aim for when talking vision for Xcel Church Darlington.

When you increase your focus, you decrease your options. That’s the power of great vision.

All of Chapter 9 hit me round the head. It’s smack bang in the middle of where I am at the moment. ‘You want others to have IT’ It’s not about you.

As the leader ‘you must have IT’…the rare combination of passion, integrity, focus, faith, expectation, drive, hunger and God’s anointing…

As a leader what we need is: raw passion for God and for people.

Your relationship with God is only as good as you want it to be – that is so simple it’s incredible. Easy to forget. The walk with God is a daily determination to not lose IT. This is a challenge for me, probably lessons for everyone in that statement.

Big reminder…when you become comfortable in your relationship with God you will lose IT. By comfortable Craig says he means complacent, lazy and distracted. Going to post about these in the future – it’s the biggest let down for most Christians who lose their drive for God.

Having read the book I am reminded that my relationship with God is so important. I must work to keep IT. God, stretch me, ruin me, heal me.

Get your copy here.

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