Today was great. It seems a long time since we met together in Darlington but its only been 2 weeks. Good to see people as they come back from holidays.

Worship was great. Nothing better than sensing the presence of God. The team did a great job.

I love the relaxed atmosphere we have at Xcel Church Darlington. I hope those who were there for the first time always feel comfortable and at ease, as well as challenged by what’s going on around them.

My wife preached. She shared some life lessons. Things she has learned on her journey through life. For a first time, she did an awesome job. Not sure about the pictures she showed…

I vowed I’d never put personal pics on here but I just had to.
[Baby me, my 3 girls 2001, wedding day 1994]

Tonight we baptised at Aycliffe and it was a pack out, 350 crammed in, sweating for Jesus. Great celebration and so many guests. Plus the team back from Poland. Loved hearing the stories of what they had been up to helping the church in Gdansk with their building project. One thing I picked up was how they described the Pastor as humble, sold out for the town, building the church…Lord make me more like that for Xcel Church Darlington.

Excited about next week when we go back to Central Hall in the Dolphin Centre at Darlington.

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