We had a great time of prayer last night at the Dolphin centre, just a group of ordinary people who gave up their night in or night out to come and believe God for the future of Xcel Church Darlington. It excited me as the Pastor to capture their heart for what could be.

During the evening I got them to write down the name of one person. One person they could pray for everyday. This is a simple challenge for every leader and Pastor in churches…pray for one person. (Actually a Christian of any age can do this). Everyone should have someone in their world who is not a Christian – could be a work colleague, family member or your neighbour.

Here’s the challenge:

Don’t bash them on the head with your Bible
Don’t scare them off with some ‘Thus saith the Lords’
Don’t tell them what they are doing wrong


Make a conscious decision that everyday you will pray for them. In your team meetings talk about them, share names so others can pray too. Remember what it’s really all about. Church does not exist for us, that makes it a religious club.

Xcel Church exists to reach people. Praying for someone helps you remember that it’s not about you but about those who don’t know the reality of the saving grace of Jesus. Keep their name and face in mind when you get tired of ‘doing’ church.


Jesus said that he had not come for the healthy but for the sick. He said that the shepherd leaves the 99 and goes looking for the 1. How do we grow the church? One life at a time perhaps, one prayer at a time?

Who are you praying for?

2 thoughts on “Pray for One

  1. Interesting stuff, I dont know how to make church grow, i just see so many needs in the lives of those around me, i am desperate for God to do something. So i humble myself to pray……i say i humble myself, because its not about me at all. Maybe God shows me some stuff to see how badly i want to see peoples lives getting better. The only thing i know how to do is pray, im a mum, with a mothers heart, a heart that God has touched, for the needs around, thats why i pray. I have noticed that without prayer not much changes for the better, and it works, i hope that i get more desperate for God to do something, i dont want to play ‘church’.

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