Craig Groeschel has been posting about the power of questions. All good stuff. These ones listed are probably the hardest ones though for team leaders to ask of team members.

So Xcel Church team leaders be ready…I might just ask you!

1. How is your relationship with God?
2. When is the last time you failed?
3. What faith risk are you currently taking?
4. What hard decision have you been postponing?
5. Who is speaking into your life and what are you learning?
6. What is your biggest vulnerability?
7. What are you dreaming about that you haven’t told anyone about yet?
8. If God would bless anything you did, what would you attempt?
9. Do you have any ongoing sin issues? What are you doing about it?
10. Are you doing what God has called you to do? If not, what can we do to help you to find the right fit?

Wow. Maybe if we did ask these difficult questions and then answered them honestly we would save a lot of problems. You would definitely know where your team is at!

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