Loved yesterday morning at Xcel Darlington – what a great morning. If you missed it, you missed out. Nothing is better than being in Church.

My reflections…
Central Hall feels like home. Someone commented how the atmosphere felt different. Even though there was only 80 people (only 80, still fantastic after just 6 months) it didn’t feel empty.

Sound was much better. The worship team were amazing. Really brought us into the presence of God. Ben, you sang that song from the heart!!

Daz preached communion – good thought of it being a ‘checkpoint’ for us, reminding us to make sure we are still right with God.

Love seeing new people. Even better watching the team just connecting with them. So natural.

Could have talked for hours about vision, the Church we need to become and what we can do. Two main thoughts…influence. That’s what we are about. Being people of influence in our own worlds. How do we influence…we need to GO.

Shared a great story that I heard from somewhere else which illustrates the reason we must GO so well. Check it out here. What would have happened if they had not been willing to GO.

The next 6 months…God is going to blow our socks off. Feel He is ready to blast Darlington.

Next week…I will be throwing out some more thoughts about what we can do and why we should do them, the difference such simple things can make.

[If you were there…how do you think you might respond?]

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