I am excited about what God is doing in His Church. As I spoke on Sunday in Darlington, these are exciting times for Xcel Church across the region, the North East of England.

3 locations now meet at 11am in Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham. Last weekend at our baptism service we packed in 350 people into the Aycliffe venue on the evening. This weekend just gone saw great numbers again and at Darlington we headed into Central Hall once more.

Add to this, the building of a £5 million Conference Centre and these are truly momentous times to be a part of Xcel Church.

We are building for the future.
We are building a legacy for future generations.

One thought always stays with me when I think about the vision that I have, especially for Xcel Darlington where I am Pastor. When I talk about ‘Being One of the Thousand’ I have to remember that regardless how great my ideas might be this truth never changes…

Jesus is building His Church.

The privilege is that He uses us to make it happen. What a privilege. What a responsibility. What an honour. It is a role that we cannot take lightly and need to work really hard at.

Reading Pastor Steven Furtick’s website and the story about the month of August. What a month. 900 people becoming Christians over 3 weeks. Over 1000 people baptised. Now that’s Church like it’s meant to be. Read his full article here…

This does not happen by chance though. The team at Elevation Church prayed and fasted, believed God for it and He honoured their stand of faith.


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